AutoDrain is an automatic drain able to discharge condensation cyclically.

AutoDrain has a built-in timed electronic circuit, a condensation sensor and an assisted-drive solenoid valve, which opens at preestablished intervals. The opening time varies according to the actual quantity of condensation at the installation point. This allows to limit compressed air waste to a minimum.

AutoDrain does not require setting waiting and discharge times since the product is totally self-calibrating. The front control panel (version 950) contains two LEDs displaying power supply and drain state. A button permits to control the drain manually.

AutoDrain is extremely small and can be installed at any position and anywhere in a compressed air installation.

To make its installation easier AutoDrain includes an industrial connector EN 175301-803 Type A (ex DIN 43650) for power supply and an Easy Lock three-part fitting for pneumatic connection.

AutoDrain 925

AutoDrain 950