The new series of LogiDrain – digital level drains – has been designed to solve the problem of condensation water drainage from production plants and compressed air distribution systems. The specific technology applied permits a controlled drainage of condensation water without any compressed air leaks.

LogiDrain is equipped with an integrated storage receiver inside which a level sensor has been mounted and is controlled by an intelligent electronic circuit. All drain functions are displayed on a control panel. A test button is available on the control panel for manual drainage.

LogiDrain starts working as soon as a sensor detects water at max. level and controls the opening of the solenoid valve in order to take the water level back down to a minimum value, leaving a small residual quantity to prevent the system from discharging compressed air. In case of trouble, the control circuit unlocks the drain pipes by carrying out a series of forced opening/closing cycles of the solenoid valve. If this is not enough, the problem is reported outside by an alarm with potential-free contact that can be used to draw the attention of maintenance staff in order to instruct the plant control logic.

LogiDrain is produced in several models with different flow rates. All versions are suitable for working with any type of condensation water even the most aggressive one or water containing a high percentage of oil. A built-in cup of filter, that is easy to clean, prevents the solenoid valve from clogging.

LD 101


LD 101L

LD 200

LD 200L

LD 202

LD 202L

LD 203

LD 204