CTD – Compact Timer Drain 16 bar

Timer-controlled Compact Condensate Drain

  • Compact design
  • Simple to install and fully automatic
  • Large vent for a reliable discharge
  • Configurated with an integrated ball-valve and strainer with double inlet thread (½”M and ¼”F), easy to clean
  • Two potentiometers to set T-on and T-off to suit any size of compressed air devices
  • Two LEDs allow to visualize the operating status
  • Test button to drain the condensate manually and check the valve function
  • NPT connection available for version 115V Ac
  • Supplied with connector plug type A (DIN43650A ISO 440/6952)
  • Supplied with hose holder
  • NC 2/2 way direct acting valve
  • CE approved and UL certified (e488201)
  • Supplied with hose connector


Timer Drain CTD 230V CTD 115V
SCB p/n 75-971 75-972
Working pressure 0,2 – 16 bar
Valve vent (ø) 3,5 mm
Kv (at 1 bar) 4,3 l/min
Power 22VA
IN/OUT connection Gas ½” NPT ½”
Valtage 230V 50/60 Hz 115V 50/60 Hz
Valve’s body material: Brass
Gasket NBR, Viton
T-on Draining time 0,5 to 10 seconds
T-off Interval 0,5 to 45 minutes
Working temperature +1°C / +60 °C


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